Sunday, May 15, 2011

Instant Parenthood

I woke up in the morning to the smell of Vigil's cologne. He was rushing around our bedroom, his movements tense with nervous energy. 

I reached down to pet Noah and scratch behind his ears. Instead of feeling a cool tongue lick my hand I heard a human giggle and felt human skin.

I leaned over the bed and saw a Human infant. 

The puppy with the cute blue collar was now a human baby with a collar. I reached over to pick up the baby and removed the collar. 

"What's this?" Vigil asked. 

"I let a stray dog, just a little puppy in last night and now..." I said. "This is so strange. Animals don't just turn into people over night-" 

"They do here. I saw something last night. Something amazing and at the same time frightening. Dangerous." 


"There's a sorceress living here. She has the ability to turn people into animals." 

Noah reached with his tiny fingers, for my breast. "Sorry, Little One. There's nothing on tap here." I said. "Is that why Blaze-"

"Had us come here? No. That was a trap set by a fake Blaze and Damiana. I would have thought I'd know my own brother." 

In fairness, I wasn't listening to my husband. I was making a mental list of all the things we'd need with Noah staying with us. Kibble, baby formula, diapers, a pooper scooper. Some clothing. 

Expectant mothers have baby showers, but what happens when a miracle shows up at your front door and you're thrust into instant parenthood with no preparations at all? 

Suddenly, we were parents and pet owners all at once. 

"C'mon, Holly. Get up and dressed for Mass. I'll look after our little changeling here." Vigil said and took Noah from my arms. "I wonder why this little fella didn't make any noise when I came in last night. No, not the tie. We'll find you something good for you to eat soon, I promise." Vigil said. 

I got into the shower and started running the water. I squeezed some shampoo into my hand and felt lips and breath on my neck. 

My husband was in the shower with me. 

"Vigil, what are you doing? You were dressed! What about Noah!" 

"Noah's fine. He's on the floor playing in an overturned laundry basket." Vigil whispered. "Water feels so good. Let's be a little naughty today. Skip church. I'll tell Uncle Mark something came up." 

"We do have Noah now. And no car seat or clothing or food for him to eat." I said. 

"Or a crib." Vigil added. "Hence my improvising with the laundry basket."

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